Hobo on the orient express

Lausanne arrival

Meeting the Welingtons

The investigators arrive in Lausanne early in the morning. having found the leftarm of the Sedefkar Simulacrum in Paris. In Lausanne they meet Edgar and William Wellington. William got injured during the war and has become mute. While chatting with their hosts they notice that there is a mystical fog outside the window. Haven’t they seen this fog before? Maybe in Poissy? Before they can wonder, but still scared stiff, the Duc des Esseintes arrives. Edgargoes to fetch the scroll while the Duke takes Harry Osborn and Jeremiah Tuttle out for a tour of the city. Andrew Hampshire. and Luna Tic goes to the library where they find a copy of Unausprechlichen Kulten. When they go to their meeting wit Edgar’s 7:30 Club Jeremiah Tuttle hears heavy steps behind him, but when he turns around there is no one there but the remains of a cloud.



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